Dominic Ali
Author & Communications Specialist
I’m a media nerd and the author of the award-winning children’s book Media Madness: An Insider’s Guide to Media. I also produce a range of communications materials for organizations that are making the world a better place. If I can be of assistance, get in touch!


I’ve worked with:
• The David Suzuki Foundation
• University of Toronto
• Jamaicans For Justice (Kingston, Jamaica)
• WWF Canada
• Brazil Child Health/Saúde Criança Renascer (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
• International Renewable Energy Agency (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
• Greenpeace Canada
• Canadian Environmental Law Association
• Ashoka Canada
• Society of Graphic Designers of Canada
• Tone Concepts, Inc.
• Toronto Rock Camp
• Clandestino Music Travel (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Here’s what I do:
• Provide strategic communications guidance & support
• Develop & implement communications plans
• Pitch stories to the media and arrange interviews
• Organize press conferences and media events
• Work with experts to craft communications materials
• Write & edit grant proposals, concept papers, and case statements
• Cultivate & maintain strategic partnerships
• Write & develop print, video, and online materials for different audiences. I’ve written annual reports, press releases, backgrounders, op-eds, articles, brochures, speeches, TV programs, public service ads, website text, and newsletters. (Phew!)

Mad About Media
Media Madness is the humorous award-winning children’s book that takes readers behind-the-scenes to show how TV shows, magazines, video games, and CDs are produced. The book is packed with illustrations by artist Michael Cho. (Published by Kids Can Press.)

Freelance Work
I’ve contributed to dozens of publications including The Trinidad Guardian, Vancouver Sun, Toronto Star, The National Post, The Ottawa Citizen, American Journalism Review, Azure, Dwell, and OWL. My radio documentaries have appeared on The Sunday Edition and Studio 360. I’ve also held editorial positions with CBC Radio’s As it Happens and Definitely Not The Opera.

Current Projects
I’m finalizing an 87,000-word comedic novel set in the Caribbean. The Trinidad Diaries chronicles the tribulations of 19-year-old Andrew Mohammed, the child of Caribbean immigrants. When Andrew lands a summer job in his ancestral homeland as a reporter with the Trinidad Sentinel, he arrives with three simple goals: rum, adventure, and a little lovin’. To fulfill his quest he must first survive several culture shocks, adjust to his eccentric newsroom colleagues, and tame his ferocious 73-year-old Granny. Along the way he also discovers something he didn’t expect: himself.